What is the role of the Minnesota Secretary of State in the "Business Life Cycle"?

Having learned from five years of experience at the Minnesota Department of Revenue working downstream from the OSS, I am prepared to bring new leadership and plans for action to the office.

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Bob Helland for Minnesota Secretary of State

Who do you trust more to administer fair and open elections?

a. The Republican candidate.

b. The Democrat candidate

c. The guy trying to get you another option on the ballot?

Begin a trend in supporting third-party candidates. Vote Bob Helland.


It's simple: there is more to the Minnesotan political system than two strains of thought.

It's time we start to see what that really means by thinking outside of the two-party box and finding common ground, not in bipartisanship, but in tripartisanship to include the rest of us. 

Futures are approaching faster than the speed of government. We need leadership and innovation to stay ahead of the curve and provide essential services.

Primarily, we need efficient and effective information managers making public information public and keeping private information private.

March 2

Candidate Receives Qualification

Candidate Bob is deemed "qualified" to seek the endorsement of the Independence Party of Minnesota after presentation to party's Executive Committee.

March 12

Campaign Finance Training

Candidate Bob attended training provided by the Minnesota Campaign Finance & Public Disclosure Board www.cfboard@state.mn.us to read about MN's campaign finance laws.


What the candidate is saying.... 

March 15

CD1 Convention

Candidate Bob attended the MNIP CD1 convention in Rochester. Carpooling with US Senate candidate was a great experience. Bob presented to and met delegates, met current and former IP candidates 


May 17


"The Quest for Endorsement"


Minnesota State University-Mankato

Mankato, Minnesota


March 26

Hometown News Published

Read the write-up in the St. Cloud Times.

April 5

CD2 & CD6 Conventions

Candidate Bob attended both CD6 in Elk River and CD2 in Lakeville.  Great conversations with party officers and delegates. Congratulations to endorsed CD6 congressional candidate John Denney.


CD5 Convention

Candidate Bob attended CD5 convention in Minneapolis.


July 2014

Central Minnesota Battleground

Look for Candidate Bob and other IP-endorsed candidates to begin  making appearances in the St. Cloud area beginning in June.



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