In my own words. 

Bob Helland  for Minnesota Secretary of State

7. Voter registration systems 

6. Voter integrity & fraud

5. How to reach young & new voters

4. Voter re-enfranchisement 

3. SOS role in candidate info

2. Candidate opening statements

1. Host opening remarks

Candidate Forum @MCTC

The three major party candidates - Steve Simon, Dan Severson and Bob Helland - participate in a forum held at Minneapolis Community and Technical College's Helland Center and co-sponsored by the Jefferson Center

See Minnpost Article"Under the radar, secretary of state race offers similar names and big policy differences"

See Minnpost "Community Voices" piece by Jefferson Center's executive director Kyle Bozentko 

See Jefferson Center Recap  

The Independents

Independence Party statewide candidates put on a show, "The Independents: Coming this Fall". See why Bob Helland is... "The Guardian".


See all three major party candidates in one video giving an unedited, five-minute talk. Dan Severson, Steve Simon and Bob Helland.

9. Closing statements

8. Challenges & opportunities

Contribute to the Campaign

As an independent third-party candidate, I am doing everything I need to make this a competitive race. Your dollars and your time and energy can help us change politics and government in Minnesota to serve the people, not the person.

If you believe in me, please consider contributing to my campaign.

I appreciate your financial support and welcome your involvement with my campaign.



I want you to hear me in my own words. I also want you to hear my opponents in their own words so you can make an informed choice on November 4th.

Recent Events

10/20 @12pm - Humphrey Institute Debate

10/20 @7pm - T2P2 at Bryant Lake Bowl

10/21 @7pm - KSTP Recording

Coming up:

10/25 @10am - KSTP SoS Debate

10/25 @12pm - We Are One Rally in St. Cloud

10/28 @6pm - LOWV Debate in Minneapolis

10/29 @12am - The Final Journey begins

10/30 @6pm - Listening Session in St. Paul

11/3 @1159pm - The Final Journey Ends

11/4 @7am - Election Day

Replay: Humphrey Institute Forum 10/20

(Dan Severson, Bob Helland, Steve Simon, Bob Odden hosted by Doug Chapin)

Watch the four-way TPT Almanac debate from 10/17!

(Bob Odden, Steve Simon, Dan Severson and Bob Helland hosted by Cathy Wurzer and Eric Eskola)